How to help your kid feel proud of his roots

As I talked on my two worlds one chica blog about how is my live living in America while most of my life I lived in Peru and all my roots are there, I have to be realistic and admit now my new life is here in the United States my new home country.

Although those roots, background, heritage whatever you want to call it; is always there in my mind. Especially when I want to pass on the many traditions I had with my parents.

We latinos are so family oriented even though sometimes (or many) you show up to a party with your parents, your husband, your kids and your nephews, or if you are picking someone from the airport same thing; you come with the whole family to pick up just a friend, right? I remember one time my husband came by himself to the Lima airport and my dad said we ALL have to go, so that means my mom, my brothers, my nephews and of course myself… to what he said: ay caramba!!!

Latinos we are special in many ways and one of the areas that I am most proud of is how warm we are, right? how expressive we are to anything that happens (sometimes we make a big deal of anything, right?) but is just pure excitement and that excitement has to be part of our daily life. We hug our kids or husband as if we haven’t seen then in a month and we see them everyday. But it is part of our culture. Been married to an american, sometimes I think mut be overwhelming for my hubby to see how we are everyday, but I also respect his background so as he has to respect mine, right?

Iremember a friend of mine, told me she was having problems with her son in school because he was so touchy (both parents are Peruvian). He is six years old.  Most likely he has received so much hugs and kisses in his life and for him to do it is so normal. Of course in schools in the United States there is a big NO for behaviour like that and my friend was called so she could talk to her son and do something about it because he shouldn’t continue to be touchy. So what if all that is just simply cultural right?  Nothing wrong with that, I don’t think so; but of course not everyone is use to that and not everyone thinks is nice, either.

So what happens when you married an American or someone from another county like in my case, my kids are half american and half Peruvians. The other day my son told me: mommy I know I am half Peruvian and half American, or else I don’t have a mommy right? of course, he said all that in Spanish.  I have brought him a few times to the Embassy of Peru and once he told me this is your country and I said to him this is your country, too. Your dad is from the U.S. and your mom is Peruvian so you are half & half; I think since that day he has been thinking about it…LOL

We don’t have a lot of time for playdates but my son has made great friends from his Peruvian marinera dance academy Garbo & Salero, and it is been over a year that he loves to spend times with his friends from the academy most of them with a Peruvian background, especially with his good friends the twins Scarlett & Sidney. (check out this video)

It is hilarious to see how a six year old is a total latino when it comes to girls, so charming, flirtacious, mischievous and such a gentleman at such a young age. We can say without a doubt that Tyler has latin blood huh? and we know we will have many funny adventures in the years to come, or shall I say many headaches, too …LOL

I hope this blogpost helps you to understand that there is nothing wrong with letting your kid BE, be true to his roots, be true to his feelings and let them your kids explore where they come from, let them grow learning their parents first language, learning your traditions. With the years you will see that your kid is so rich culturally and you will see how respectful he/she is towards other cultures and he/she will proudly share his own.



Evelyn Brooks

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