3 Jewelry Trends Fall 2015

Happy Fashion Friday!

We at Evelyn Brooks Designs want to keep you updated on all the trends ranging from clothing to jewelry! Below, there are 3 Jewelry trends Summer 2015 that we have illustrated featuring our own designs!

StackingStacking your bracelets is a rising trend in wrist-wear. The more variety in your stacked bracelets, the better. We’ve illustrated this technique our stretchy silver bracelet paired with our good luck eco-friendly bracelet and the passion red wrapping bracelet. These bracelets provide a variety with their thickness as well as their colors so they look appealing stacked together.

MixnmatchThe next trend showing up in mid-summer is mixing and matching your earrings. Typically, this trend usually pairs one stud earring with one statement or dangle earring. We have paired our Imperial Long Drop Earring with our Good Luck Red Post Earring. The similar coloring on the huayruro seeds make this pairing match just enough to be two different types of earrings.

StatementEarringsThe final trend we’re showing is statement earrings. These statement earrings are perfect for, as the name suggests, making a statement. We’ve included our Gold Moon Nazca Earrings and Nazca Passion Red Earrings as statement earrings. They pair well with simple and sophisticated outfits.

Next time you plan an outing day or night, remember my designs can be worn day or night;)

Have a great weekend!



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