This is my PERU, in Washington DC – Folklife Festival

As I was telling a Peruvian friend today, we are so privilege to live where we live, in Washington DC. Having the opportunity to learn about Peru, and learn about traditions that even me as a Peruvian haven’t even experience; it is simply a gift from GOD.

For those who live close to Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland, don’t miss the opportunity to come out and learn about our music, our dances, our religion, ALL about Peru is in one place at the FOLKLIFE FESTIVAL. Most importantly you will feel the warmnest from our people and it is ALL FREE!

I am beyond happy to share this experience with my kids.  I am pretty sure I am not the only one. right?  learning about other cultures is fascinating. Let them explore, love other countries and their traditions, is one of the best gifts you can give your kids.

Check out this video that makes me the happiest MAMA in the world because my six year old is starting to sing ” asi es mi Peru” just from coming to see Julie Freund for 3rd time and having me show him that video like 20 times…LOL – Check out more videos  (click here) 

The Folklife Festival is a ten day festival that runs from Wednesday through Sunday (June 24th – June 28th  and July 1st – July 5th. So don’t miss the opportunity to join us and learn about PERU. Here is the full schedule day by day.

Enjoy a Pan con chicharron for lunch from Peruvian Brothers or if you just go across them “El Carbonazo” has great anticuchos (made of beef) and our popular broiled chicken with salad and fries…of course your cold Inka Kola to accompany your lunch.

Done with lunch, do a little bit of walking and then off for dessert to Firenze Gelateria, OMG the best “lucuma” fruit and dark chocolate ice creams…yum yum

Every day there are different activities going on. If you feel is too hot, kids are driving you nuts,  and want to chill a little bit, go to the 3rd floor of the Museum of the American Indian to the kids play center, let them run around, sit and relax:) (just for a little bit)


Or if you are looking for a beautiful piece of jewelry, visit the Roanoke Museum Gift Store, and you will find beautiful “huayruro” jewelry made by Peruvian-American jewelry designer Evelyn Brooks;)

For those of you in the area join ME this Saturday June 27th, we have my jewelry trunk show at the Museum store (11a – 4p)

NMAI june 27



Evelyn Brooks



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