5 Apps for the Mompreneur

5 Apps for Mompre

In a world where your smartphone is one of your best friends, the apps on it should always make life a little easier for you! We at Evelyn Brooks Designs have gathered 5 apps for the mompreneur to help with business as well as being a mom. These apps will save you time, get you organized and hopefully discover something new!

1. MomCo


This is an app built by moms for moms, as their tagline states. This app connects local moms with similarly aged children so that finding a play-date or a class buddy can be easier. Besides finding other moms in the area, you can also view local playgrounds, schools, and even babysitters! Businesses partner with MomCo to offer exclusive deals, so you can save money just by being a member! This app is free on both Android and iPhone.

2. Free Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder

There is no worse feeling than working away from home without Wi-Fi. This app will help you track where the best free Wi-Fi hotspots are around you so you can stay connect fast and free. This app is free on both Android and iPhone.

3. Evernote


With this app, you will never need to carry a notepad with you again! Evernote features a virtual notebook so that all your ideas and images are stored in one place. You can capture images from any website and add it to Evernote, make to-do lists,  and send them all to coworkers, family, or friends! The best part about this app is you can sync all your files across all platforms. So you could create a note on your phone and access it from your computer! This app is free for both Android and iPhone.

4. Dropbox


Similar to how Evernote stores your notes, Dropbox is an app used to store all your files. It works like a virtual USB file drive. You can upload files like pdfs or jpegs to your Dropbox and access them on computers, tablets and phones. This app is freefor both Android and iPhone.

5. Cozi


This calendar app is a powerful tool when you’re trying to organize your families’ activities! You can manage schedules, appointments, and activities as well as make grocery lists and keep all your recipes! You can view your calendar from any smart phone or computer. This app is free on both Android and iPhone.

Have a great Wednesday!


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