Four reasons to raise Bilingual Children

Happy Monday Everyone!

The video above is my daughter and I singing a bilingual song. I am raising my children to be bilingual and I have been seeing many news articles recently discussing bilingual children along with the advantages they have.

Below, I have summed up some of the advantages for bilingual children.

  1. Speaking two languages helps preserve both cultures and keeps the children connected to extended family who only speak their native tongue.
  2. Learning a second language early on makes it easier for children to acquire new languages later in life.
  3. Job opportunities grow in numbers as the kids grow older for bilingual speakers.
  4. Reading skills tend to come earlier to bilingual children.

One of the main reasons for keeping my children bilingual is to preserve their culture. I never want them to forget where they are from and the significant meaning behind it.

Here are some tips below to help you with raising bilingual children:

  1. It is a huge commitment. Your children aren’t going to learn these languages overnight.
  2. You have to be consistent. Use a mix of your language around your kids and be sure not to get comfortable in just one.
  3. You will be so happy and proud once your children speak in their own newly-learned language to friends and family.
  4. This is something that you will never regret. You are giving your children incredible learning opportunities that will stay with them forever.

Hope this helps you and motivate you to continue doing this super special HOMEWORK that it is to raise your kids bilingual, although in the future, they will be grateful for what you are doing now;)

Till next time,



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