6 Beauty Products That Double Their Use

Even though its Friday, I know that the life of a mompreneur doesn’t stop when everyone else’s workweek does. You’re constantly on the go from Sunday to Sunday juggling your family as well as your business. Or thinking about business…

Time is essential for mompreneurs, so we have gathered the six best beauty products that have multi-uses to help you save a little bit of time.


You can use The Multiple to add color to your cheeks, as well as add some color to your lips and eyes. This product will have you doing your makeup in no time since it does the job of three products!


Maybelline’s Master Glaze is perfect for a hint of color on your cheeks as well as a nice neutral color for your eyes.

MU3Clinique’s Chubby Stick is one of the highest rated lip products on Sephora.com, and for a good reason! Even though it is marketed as a lip product, many users love it as an eyeshadow as well.

MU5RMS’s Lip2cheek is a newer product but it offers amazing multi-use benefits! It contains coconut oil so it naturally hydrates your lips while adding the perfect amount of color. This product can also be used as a cheek tint while moisturizing the skin.

MU6After a busy day, you always want to remove your makeup so it doesn’t sit on your skin, and this product is perfect for that! Not only is it a makeup remover wipe, it also contains a skin toner and a moisturizer! This product helps your beauty routine become even faster by replacing your face wash, toner and moisturizer at the end of the day!

MU7Here is a body product that is also in the multi-use category. Jergens Natural Glow helps start your summer tan as well as hydrating your skin as a lotion!

These beauty products will help you cut down time on your daily beauty routine so you can spend your time with your family and always looking good;) !

Hasta la próxima!


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