How do Mompreneurs get featured in a magazine?

How do Mompreneurs get featured in a magazine?

There are many times when you ask yourself how could I be featured in a jewelry publication or in any publication, right?. Let me tell you something if you have the money, you can be featured anywhere you want.

But if you are like me or a bunch of other jewelry designers, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, who start from cero or limited budget. You will find out that later on, that your budget is very limited when it comes to advertise. As we grow and as I have seen designers like Sergio Lub, Michal Golan and Todd Reed among others.Yes, they have been in the trade industry for many many years. Now you see their name in many publications for American made products.

When you get an email from someone asking you for pictures for their editorial issue, you have to decide what is best for you to do. Chances are that they may chose your designs or not. So you have nothing to loose. Again if you ever get this opportunity JUMP ON IT.

GS-Mag-Cover-Summer-12Some magazines don’t email you what they are looking for and you don’t know that you can actually do it. So check out their website and sometimes they only list the information on their websites. Like Gift Shop Magazine has this option online. You never know maybe your designs will be featured there in their next edition.


If you go to their website you will see a box where says you can share you email and click in which areas you want to be email about EDITORIAL PARTICIPATION/NEWSLETTERS/BREAKING NEWS, etc.

So about two months ago I got an email from the art director of Niche Magazine, asking me to email three of my best jewelry pieces in high resolution (ALWAYS BE READY) make sure you have good product pictures. So I emailed him my pictures. He also mentioned hopefully your pieces will be in the next edition of the magazine. Fingers crossed, right?

There is nothing I could lose and I waited. Then of course this week I get the email saying THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUBMISSION, your piece was selected for our Jewelry NOW 2015, Spring/Summer issue.

Niche Magazine is the premier magazine for retailers. Is available at most trade shows and it brings the latest and most innovated ideas for retail buyers across the United States.

This kind of publicity is what benefit me more with our limited budget for advertising. As an up and coming jewelry designer, some people know about my brand Evelyn Brooks Designs  and my work but we still have a long way to go.

Next time you have the opportunity to be featured JUMP ON IT. Do as requested, follow rules and steps. And as I always think if the opportunity is for YOU, is for YOU:)

Hope this helps you in pursue of conquering the world as a mompreneur through your beautiful & inspirations work.


Evelyn Brooks



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