#MySwimsuitStyle challenge story…


Great idea created by blogger Maria Jose Ollave from http://www.verybusymamablog.com

This blogpost is sponsored by Miraclesuit, all content is mine. Welcome to #MySwimsuitStyle challenge!

How many mompreneurs are out there? many huh? well this is an encouraging and LOVE YOURSELF post; inviting ALL women to wear proudly their bathing suits and show everyone that no matter how you look you can embrace your body, BE who you are, LOVE who you are, and tell it to the world.

I really have to thank my Chilean friend @mariajoseovalle (www.verybusymamablog.com), for inviting me to be part of this challenge. In the beginning, I had many thoughts in my head after I read her first email, but then I thought about how many people are out there that we can ALL positively motivate by wearing our swimsuit, as we get ready to enjoy summer, too; and simply share the love for ourselves.

Before I had my kids I loved to wear one piece suits…now that I have to run around with both my kids and even pee in a couple minutes, I like wearing a two piece bathing suit. This one I am wearing hides (sort of my belly), it let’s me get a nice tan if I decide not to wear the top straps and is comfortable again when I need to run to the bathroom;)

A campaign like this helped me seeing that of course I need to lose weight, but it also help me seeing that a woman wearing this two piece orange suit is just ME. A brave latina mom, proud to be Peruvian, proud to have two kids, a successful business and a marriage like any other marriage with its ups and downs;) and it has helped me most importantly to connect with other women, a community of bloggers, mompreneurs, entrepreneurs, etc…something that I never thought it could be possible. But the social community is growing so MUCH that you will be surprise of how many social mom’s and mamacitas are out there sharing your thoughts and encouraging each other, in this opportunity we challenge YOU to show OFF your beautiful YOU.

Join US today showing off YOUR swimsuit style, let go off your insecurities and let’s enjoy summer together.


testing 1, 2, 3


Yes, the sky is the limit


This is ME, love YOURSELF

HOW: write a blog, or simply post a picture in your swimsuit to Facebook, instagram or twitter using the hashtag #MySwimsuitStyle,


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