Using Pinterest to Boost your Business

The best friend of any entrepreneur in the 21st century is by far social media. Why? Well, it’s basically free advertising, and if done correctly, it can bring a sizable number of customers and opens your company up to a whole new demographic, just as Evelyn Brooks Designs has done on Pinterest. 

Recently, we revamped our Pinterest from looking somewhat drab to fab!

For starters, if you aren’t on Pinterest, create an account and log on! Pinterest is one of the best ways to show off what you’re interested in, who your company is, and it can showcase all (or most) of your products so that you can reach a greater number of people in a shorter period of time.

Now that you’ve made a Pinterest, let’s get started!

From the process of creating our Pinterest, we learned a lot that we felt needed to be shared with anyone with a small business who uses Pinterest:

1. Make sure that your board labels aren’t too long: When the board labels are too long, people are drawn away from the board itself, so they don’t follow it. 

2. Use broad topics for your boards: The broader the topic, the more items become relevant to the topic, so the more products you can fit into one board. 

3. Post your products to multiple boards: Pinterest has a great capacity for the number of pins a single board can hold; take full advantage by using multiple boards for the same products to bring traffic to your website. 

4. Beware of visual aestheticsWhen it comes to posting online, people are drawn to what is appealing to the eye. Creating a board with a pattern or a nice, clean cut look will draw in more people and give a sort of credibility to your brand.

5. Repin and become a part of the Pinterest community: Keep in mind that Pinterest is an online community. In order to  make the best use of it, repining from other boards and being interactive not only puts your brand out there, but it also makes you a person and your company friendly. 

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