Trade Comission Office of Peru in NYC presents Evelyn Brooks at Peru Moda NYC

As a Peruvian designer it is an honor when you get an invitation to show your work to a group of the most reknown buyers from the area of New York. They would ALL be under one roof, the occasion the launching of Peru Moda NYC.

Evelyn Brooks will have a representation during the soft_M7B0470 launch in anticipation of Peru Moda that will take place in Lima-Peru (Apr. 15-17th, 2015)

I got a chance to see my friends and colleges from the fashion world in New York like Andrea Bocchio and directly from Peru Titi Giulfo, Meche Correa, Alessandra Pettersen among others.

Everything for the night of the event was planned to perfection by non other than Hector Rojas special events.

The Trade Comission Office of Peru in NYC hosted this event and brought buyers like Roshmidth, Calypso St. Barts, Uncommon Goods among other possible buyers interested in our traditional alpaca and one of a kind accesories.

I live you here with a recap of this amazing fashion night in NYC.

See you next time,


Evelyn Brooks



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