Easy steps to stop your kid talking/arguing back

I decided to take a moment and write about an issue that is been around in my house for the past months.

I have a five year old (Tyler) and a two year old (Stella Rose).

The two year old pretty much watched what the five year old does and there she goes doing exactly as he does.

I think even though Stella Rose is two years old she seems to be more mature than Tyler my five year old. So this is what happened the other day she started to argue back to me, as she was trying to explain me something and get her point across. The night this happened I think she was trying to make me understand that I should put her in bed every night and the rule in our house is one day mommy does it and the other day daddy does it. That way is fair for both kids.  And that night it was my turn with Tyler. So this is what happened…

Tyler has had a difficult time since Stella’s arrival and of course there is a fight of who can have mommy more time and even though Stella’s point was valid, we had to be fair one day mommy goes to bed with her and the other day does it daddy.


Tyler & Stella Rose


Here are some suggestions if you think your kids is talking back or trying to be SMARTER than you:)

1.- All they are trying to do is to call your ATTENTION, so TALK if they are older ask them what is bothering them, how do they want you to be with them and then you tell them what is bothering you, too.

2. – Set LIMITS, make sure you let your kid know he has to respect YOU and YOU will respect him. Rolling eyes, been sarcastic,  or making fun of you or his sister; it is DISRESPECTFULL and he has to understand that clearly.

3.- What kind of TV SHOW is he watching? are you paying attention to what TV shows is he watching, maybe those are giving him the wrong message. Like “Dog with a blog” or “Jessie” , those kids have some inappropriate behavior and your kid may be picking that up.

4. – KEEP YOUR COMPOSTURE, even though you want to smack him in the head for saying bad words or been sarcastic, you could say something like I think you can find a better way to say that?! so you are making your kid think about his behavior, and remember they are VERY SMART. Of course in my two year old daughter’s video at the end I couldn’t keep it straight; I simply couldn’t believe I was actually having an argument and she was talking back to me.

5.- GET BEHIND THE BACK TALK, so even though is not nice your kid is talking back, you have to let the kid know that you care about his feelings. In all honesty in my daughter’s video, I couldn’t believe she was acting the way she was doing it and I am new to all this. That is why I decided to research about this and share it with you, because I am pretty sure this isn’t the 1st or last time happening in my house, although next time I will try to address it better.

Of course if you talk back to your parents  in Latin America, the five steps will be reduce to one and it will only be YOU DO WHAT YOUR MOM SAYS and that is it! no questions asks. My mom would just look at us and we would just stopped doing whatever we were doing or when we got home the punishment would have been worst…oh well, but this is America right? and times have changed of course.

I  truly hope this helps you in your journey as trying to be the best parent to your child.


Evelyn Brooks


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