Top 6 Secrets as we get ready for Peru Fashion Night!

As the Peru Fashion Night is approaching, Evelyn Brooks Designs is getting ready to rock the runway with our latest jewelry designs, including headbands, belts, brooches and anklets. We all know how hard it is to get recognition as a jewelry designer. Let me share with you these steps that we follow to get praise from the toughest crowd.


  1. Decide on the look. The jewelry will be making the statement so focus on eye-catching jewelry rather than the clothes.


           2. Make sure the jewelry collaborates with the outfit. For example, contrasting colors should not be placed in one outfit. Also take into consideration the hair and makeup as well as other accessories.


3. Ensure the pieces work with the outfit that the model will be wearing. We wouldn’t want the jewelry tangling in with the hair or fabric and tearing the clothing.


4. Jewelry also has to be compatible with the person wearing it. Make sure the models bring out the best in your pieces.


5. Promote yourself! Even if it’s not an event for your specific collection, you should be acknowledged, so let your appearance be known.

PFN postcard invite

6. Now, make sure people know how your jewelry works. Not all pieces are designed the same and only someone who knows how to work the piece should be touching it.


 This is an event you cannot miss! Buy your tickets now Click here

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