Instagram’s benefits for small businesses

As Evelyn Brooks Designs has started to make more of a mark on the Internet, I can’t help but notice how much social media has helped us.

Facebook and Twitter are, of course, staples for online success for a small business, but EBD has begun to be more aware of our visual presence online with Instagram.


Well, even though people are doing more and more virtually, that doesn’t mean they don’t want the same visual experiences they would get out and about.

Instagram has 6 main advantages for small businesses, especially small fashion/retail/design businesses:

"Shipment ready! EBD continues bringing the magic of the Peruvian huayruros in Jewelry designs hand-made exclusively by Evelyn Brooks for The Huntington Museum of Art in WV #museum #jewelry #customjewelry"

“Shipment ready! EBD continues bringing the magic of the Peruvian huayruros in Jewelry designs hand-made exclusively by Evelyn Brooks for The Huntington Museum of Art in WV #museum #jewelry #customjewelry”

1. A picture is worth a thousand words

The great thing about Instagram is that it helps build a strong business brand and personality. With very visual apps like Instagram, we are able to show people what our business is all about. Pictures tend to resonate much better with customers, compared to a paragraph-long mission statement, and these photos can also create emotional ties and a sense of relativity between customers and our brand. This is gold when it comes to branding!

2. Customer engagement

Similar to other social media apps like Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers the opportunity for customers to connect with a business. It is easy for customers to “like” and comment and ask questions on Instagram, and then receive notifications when their comments/questions have been answered.

For a small jewelry business like us, if a customer sees a necklace we’ve posted, they can easily ask us where to buy it and we can immediately send them the link to our online shop or give them a list of retailers in the area who carry our designs.

3. Young generations are more interested in visual apps

Instagram has 150 million active users per month, and that number is said to be on the rise. Younger generations are starting to steer away from using Facebook because it takes longer to create and consumer information. But apps like Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr are on the rise because it is easier and more visually stimulating to interact through photos.

The Business Marketers
by Column Five Media.
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Stella Rose already thinking who will give her make up tips;) when she grew up...#proudmama #latina #cutebaby

Stella Rose already thinking who will give her make up tips;) when she grew up…#proudmama #latina #cutebaby

4. Gives customers a “behind-the-scenes” look

Customers love nothing more than to feel exclusive, or like insiders. Instagram give customers that feeling. We can post behind-the-scenes moments and photos showing our expertise, making customers feel as though they are right there with us. We can show them what it’s like getting ready for a fashion show or an event, or what the day-in-the-life looks for EBD. We can engage our customers and make them a part of us.

This feeling of involvement with a brand and that sense of transparency between a brand and customer eventually leads to trust. Trust leads to a stronger customer bond with a business, which leads to customers who swear by your brand. Again, marketing gold!

5. Event Promotion and Free Advertising

Free advertising is something all small businesses should take advantage of, and Instagram recognizes themselves as a great advertising platform for small businesses. It doesn’t cost a thing to post an ad or promo photo or video to Instagram, and there is some buzz going around saying that Instagram will create specific features for advertisements. 

6. Power of the hashtag

And lastly, we’ll go over the bit of SEO that Twitter has made a societal trend: hashtagging. The power of the hashtag on Instagram is just as strong as it’s power on Twitter. If you want to find huayruro jewelry on Instagram, just enter “#huayruro,” and every EBD post with #huayruro will come up in your search. Just be as a rule, be sure to hashtag, hashtag and hashtag!

Tapping into Instagram’s wealth of marketing tools and resources is not only smart, but it’s tapping into understanding our customers. We’re using the same technology they’re using, so step-by-step, the gap between customer and business is getting smaller, and EBD is excited for this opportunity!

As technology and social media continues to expand, businesses need to get acclimated to the use of pictures to speak louder than words.

Because of this, you’ll be “seeing” a lot more of Evelyn Brooks Designs 😉

Download Instagram and follow @evelynbrooksdesigns!

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