Evelyn Brooks international guest speaker for PromPeru conference

A few weeks ago I was invited by Juan Luis Reus (PromPeru) to participate in a conference that would take place in Lima-Peru. The conference was “Atrevete a Exportar” (watch video) , where three representatives of three different successful companies in the United States would come to share their success story. Rafael Cuellar (President & CEO of ShopRite – Cuellar Family Markets), Amazons Imports And guess what? Evelyn Brooks, was chosen as one of the three speakers to participate;) I thought, what a great opportunity! Come back to my country and share the success story of Evelyn Brooks Designs in the United States. Thinking about Evelyn Brooks Designs success story, many things came to my mind. What have I done in the almost 10 years of my company? Mainly work hard for one goal: Create jewelry designs inspired in my Peruvian culture, mixed with contemporary art and following the latest trends. During those years unexpected things happened, like the economy problems of 2008; I had to learn that sometimes you have to be patient to accomplish what you want. I research a lot and learn about your my jewelry market, who you are going to sell, how you present yourself as an entrepreneur and as your own brand. How over the years is not just me working in Evelyn Brooks Designs, we have grown and we are a group of people working towards the same goal. I left to Peru on  a Monday unfortunately my flight was delayed and ended up arriving 6 hours prior to my conference, with very few hours of sleep I arrived to the PromPeru offices in San Isidro. IMG_8124IMG_8120   The Commerce Minister Magaly Pinto & the Peruvian Ambassador in the United States Mr. Harold Forsyth inaugurated the conference. It was a great topic and attendees were more than ready to learn from this conference. Many of the attendees are eager to sell their products in the United States and these conferences helps them to open the eyes to a new world of possibilities. Speaking for a different audience with a different culture it isn’t as easy as you can think. Even though I am Peruvian I haven’t live there for over a decade so perhaps I identify myself with certain things that are very familiar in the American culture but not in Peru. I spoke to my brother who lives in Peru and has a broad marketing background in Peru, and suggest me how to engage people into my subject; he told me find a movie that you relate to and that Peruvians can relate to, something inspiring. One of my favorites is “The Devil wears Prada”, he told me YES but not many people has seen it in Peru perhaps the fashionistas, something else…”The Pursuit of Happiness” and he said YES, that is it a great movie that many people has seen. You can motivate your audience with that movie:) So I began my conference with the trailer of the Pursuit of Happiness and they loved it. (I hope it inspires YOU)  

Then I talked about our mission of creating jewelry inspired in Peruvian culture, with modern designs and following the latest trends. How we went from showcasing at small open houses, then selling on consignment to boutiques in DC, VA and Maryland, then going to juried art shows as well as how we debut at our 1st wholesale show in Philadelphia. I also spoke about delivering our 1st 5000 piece order while giving birth and breastfeeding. (hey anything is possible) and when you have a contract and a commitment you have to do it. Right now Evelyn Brooks Designs is in over 80 boutique in the United States and U. S. Virgin Islands. We look forward to continue growing and continue bringing my jewelry designs to more countries around the world. I closed my presentation talking about what is coming up for us: – Peru Fashion NightAtlanta America’s MartAcre Orlando ShowSan Francisco Gift Show It was also great to meet the other commerce officers operating in Los Angeles (Ricardo Romero), Miami (Erick  Aponte) & New York (Conrado Falco)

I ‘d like to thank PromPeru, especially Juan Luis Reus (from the Trade Office of PromPeru in Washington DC) also Mr. Jose Corbera – Commerce Office of Peru in Washington DC. Hope to come back again! Sincerely, Evelyn Brooks

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