Wear RED jewelry all year round…

I have heard at different events, shows, small gatherings, etc… I don’t know how to wear red or how to wear your jewelry designs with red? or simply can you give me ideas of how to combine red with other colors?

Many of you that have seen or bought my jewelry and have asked what can I wear with red jewelry? Therefore to give you all insights here is a blog post that is going to explain all that. Getting close to the holidays RED is a color that is IN this year and for many years is the IN & HOT color of the holidays.

As you may know the each Huayruro seed that I use is unique in terms of shape color & texture. They come in three different sizes, the large & medium huayruros come in red only or red & black, and the baby ones always come in red & black. The shades of red vary, too.  Therefore you will get pieces that have more red and others that are more on the coral side. Although for this time of the year is recommended to wear a intense and rich red;)

Little Black Dress
You can spice up your little black dress by wearing red jewelry. If they are smaller pieces you could do a red bracelet, necklace and earrings, or simply something very classy. If you have a big necklace you may want to simply add a small bracelet and post earrings. Check out our Classic Collection and find the perfect piece for you or your loved one;)

Beige outfit
You can add a bit of COLOR to your beige outfit whether it is a dress, skirt, business blazer or to your night gown dress. I believe that what looks best with beige are my jewels that have more metal to it and a touch of red. Don’t over due your outfit with lots of jewelry though. It is best to have a nice post earrings if your in the business attire and if you are wearing a beige cocktail dress, go for a big exotic pair of silver or gold earrings with a touch of red or our exotic rain earrings; these will make you be the spotlight of the night, where your jewelry piece will be a subject for conversation;)

Beige & Red equals Exotic Perfection

Beige & Red GREAT partners for business outfits

I find that whenever I wear grey I have to spice it up with some red because grey can be so boring. Therefore you can transform a boring grey outfit into something amazing with a bit of red. Spice it up with our exotic braided bracelet.

Spice up your gray outfits & have fun wearing it.

Black and Red

The Exotic Braided Reversible Necklace can be worn in four different styles.

The Exotic Collection

Light Blue

Two colours that I love combining  that work well during summer are light blue and red. As you can see below my intern added my classic small red Huayruro seeds, a silver ring with the red and black Huayruro seed, red nails with a simple light blue shirt. This made an otherwise simple outfit very stunning.

Light Blue outfit & with our Passion Red Classic Necklace & Ring

Brown & Green

Brown and green are popular colors during fall & winter. So just be creative and play with your color palette. Add a bit of red would never hurt;)

Through my blog we like to give you ideas and help you bring colour to your outfits. As a mompreneur sometimes we have so little time to think about the colors we could wear and how to wear them. In my case my closet is separated by colors otherwise my life will be crazy. I could choose a pair of pants and then look at the top or shirt that will go with it. It makes my life so much easier;)

We hope you enjoy reading our blog, please share your thoughts and send us your comments. We look forward to bring more innovative topics;)

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Enjoy the rest of the week!

Evelyn Brooks


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