One chica celebrates Thanksgiving Day!

In March 2013, I will celebrate 10 years officially & legally leaving in the United States.  Living in different countries helped learned something that made my live much easier. Wherever you live, you have to respect & care for the traditions, rules and regulations of each country. Otherwise you will be living in hell. I have met people that unfortunately never accommodate to the country and make their live miserable. I have personally deleted some of these people from my life because I can’t be around people who are not positive and simply don’t have a good vibe.

Anyhow I will keep going with the purpose of today’s blog post.

Without even noticing it the United States became my new home town, my new country, the land where family will be raised with American & Hispanic traditions.           I traditionally agree in something’s with the American culture and some other things I will never understand and I will never adopt but I will respect its culture, traditions, rules & regulations.

Christmas day is a similar day like thanksgiving for many Hispanics like me. I wish we could have Thanksgiving Day in Latin culture, where we get our family & friends together the 4th weekend in November and then on Dec. 24th, DOUBLE CELEBRATION…Hispanic loves anything that comes with celebration which means family, friends, food & drinks, dance etc.…..

For Hispanics big days like Thanksgiving or Christmas is a time to be with family, to cook as a team, to learn new recipes, to meet & enjoy the new additions to the family, etc., etc.…and while doing it you pass on this tradition to your new generations. Now that I live away from my family all I want is to have them with me today. Celebrate with them Thanksgiving Day, and being able to show them that I cook the turkey & salad my mom taught me but I also cook the fruit salad & the ham my mother in law makes for thanksgiving. On a day like today I get to hear one of my most beautiful compliments from my husband : Honey, this is the best turkey I ‘ve ever had.

I’ve recently learned a renowned famous French chef saying always COOK WITH LOVE and today more than ever I COOK WITH LOVESmile 


Honestly I can’t be in the kitchen everyday, nor cook a full course meal everyday. BUT in a special day like today I am inspired. Inspired in many ways, because this country gave me the man of my live, the man who thought was never going to have a family or even been married, BUT GOD took care of everything, we both needed to know. We got married almost 10 years ago, we have a son and now we are expecting our baby girl.


Bryan, Evelyn & little Tyler

This country inspired me to believe that I could have, raise my family and give them the same or even better opportunities than the ones I had. It inspired me to believe that you can be an entrepreneur, that you can make your professional dreams come true; It inspires me by the many stories of immigrants & non-immigrants who have succeed professionally & personally. It inspires me to believe that it is important to be educated but most importantly is to have the willingness to continue growing personally & professionally. I could continue telling you how many things I have been inspired by this country but I don’t want to bored you…

Happy Thanksgiving to YOU & always be inspired to continue with everything GOD puts in your path everydayWinking smile

With love & respect,


Evelyn Brooks

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