As an aspiring jewelry entrepreneur, who does not dream to have their work shown in a gallery or in boutique in New York? To be honest, for me it was a personal dream. I keep saying and thinking WHEN THE TIME IS RIGHT MY WORK WILL BE EXHIBITED IN NEW YORK.

During the summer of 2006, I had the opportunity to enter into a Gallery of Art in Soho. The contract terms of the Gallery were working on consignment . 60/40. Sixty for the gallery and Forty for the artist. Then I also asked them to commit to taking care of my pieces, so that I did not have to travel back just to give maintenance to my own pieces. Also, I asked them to take care of my inventory (whatever code sold I needed to know which code so my accounting is not messed up… U KNOW). The owner did not even want to commit to that. After giving a little thought to this “GREAT OPPORTUNITY” I said, NO. This does not make sense. A knawing feeling inside of me kept saying “NO EVELYN ,this isn’t right for you!” I told myself OH WELL…SOMETHING BETTER WILL COME ALONG.


The Museum of Art & Design – NYC

So one day during the Buyers Market Summer show in August of 2011, a very refine lady came by booth and told me: I want you to take note of the pieces I like. Then she handed me her business card and instructed me to mail her my catalog so she could place her order. When I looked at the card it was the Buyer for the Museum of Art & Design in New York…OMG I COULD NOT BELIEVE IT! Soon after the show, I mailed her my catalog and followed up with her. Well, when I finally was able to speak to her. She told me, “Evelyn, I still have your huayruro card in front of me on my desk, BUT I have never received your catalog” She also said: Unfortunately, I have already placed all my orders for the rest of the year. So please follow up with me in January 2012. CAN YOU IMAGINE HOW I FELT? What happened?  How could she never have received my wholesale catalog? How come? Well…Sometimes things get lost in the mail. My lesson learned for next time;  is that every time I have to mail important packages for an opportunity like this one, is to mail everything through certified mail.

I would like for all my readers to know the ins and outs that a jewelry entrepreneur like me goes through in the process of making my business grow. If, you have gone through something and would like to share it with me through my blog, please do so. I am sure we have lots to learn EVERYDAYWinking smile

So I shall continue with this wonderful history. January of 2012 came and I made certain to mail my wholesale catalog by certified mail. Then I emailed out my invitations for the Buyer’s Market of American Craft in February of 2012. I called the buyer at the Museum of Art & Design in New York to personally invite her to come see me at my booth in Philadelphia.

During the show she came by booth and 1st thing she said was : YOU SEE I DID NOT FORGET ABOUT YOU! Smile  This time she came with two other ladies that were trying on my pieces to make sure their clients would like them, see the craftmanship behind my pieces, etc. Also, if they wanted any adjustments or special requests. The ladies then asked me for my tray where they can put all the piece they would order. One last request was my order needed to be delivered on or before September 1st. 2012 As skeptical as I am I did not want to scream I GOT IN TO THE MUSEUM OF ART AND DESIGN IN NEW YORK, until I delivered my pieces and seeing that it was really happening.

I spoke to them a couple days ago and my designs are selling particularly one of my master pieces the two strand classic crochet necklace (picture below)


Today is October 3rd and it is OFFICIAL. Starting September 15th, 2012 my designs arrived and now you are able to buy my Classic Crochet & Nazca Jewelry Collection at the Museum of Art & Design in New York. Now , can I also say YES, PINCH ME! Because, I still cannot believe that we have come this far. To see my work at such a prestigious museum which has received worldwide recognition, it is completely a reward to all my hard work. This is also a cosmic sign that I should keep doing what I am doing. I should continue creating more artistic pieces that the best museum, galleries and boutiques in the United States and around the world would like to carry.

During Hispanic Heritage Month let us salute everyone and let’s celebrate proudly. Many Hispanic professionals like myself are going far beyond sharing their cultural heritage while developing their businesses in different fields.

As I finished writing this post I can also share with you that our pieces will also be sold at the pretigious EL MUSEO, the one & only Hispanic Museum in the big apple.


Evelyn Brooks

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