Good Energy, Great Clients, and a 2012 Full of Hope!

Time flies since I posted on our blog…why because I only have two hands. There is only so much you can do just with just two hands. This year it will be different. We are more organized than ever. We will post once or twice a week.

I truly believe in good energy, some call it good vibrations, others wear a clear crystal, others wear a Huayruro for bringing positive energy (like me, I always carry my red huayruro), whatever it is just think positively at any given time and even if it is in the middle of a cathastrophe at least thinking positively will give you HOPE for better times.

Our holiday season was STRONG, not great because I think the economy situation is still a big concern for buyers. Whom were actually looking more for the lower ticket price items and  few for the high ticket items. But it is what it is…and we were happy with it.


MOST IMPORTANTLY we are still in business, FULL OF HOPE and taking bigger projects for 2012.

One of the best things that happen to me as an entrepreneur during the holidays was…I got a call at 10p on New Years Eve (the day our MOSCHIK coupon expired) and this lady did not want to miss the opportunity to complete her whole EVELYN BROOKS DESIGNS set with the $25 off). Anyways while I was taking her order, she mentioned: I had wore the necklace and the earrings I purchased from you to a dinner party I was going to in Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky, and a very refine lady came up to me and told me: YOU ARE WEARING AND EVELYN BROOKS DESIGNS PIECE…of course to me it almost brought me in tears, I couldn’t believe it!;  that someone in Kentucky would recognize my work. Which means we are growing and we are making it all the way to Kentucky.  It may sound funny at 1st but working and being an entrepreneur is not easy. We are always trying to do something to grow our business and perhaps we never sit down to think WHERE ARE WE? in what stage? and that call made me SIT DOWN and THINK (just a for a few minutes)…that my work is truly paying off, is not just in DC, VA, MD like in the begining. It is going all over the US, just as I dream it.

We have made it into over 20 boutiques …and that is why this year our efforts will go even further….I am gonna use a phrase that I heard BUZZ LIGHTYEAR from Toy Story the movie says: TO INFINITY AND BEYOND…that is what my little one is now saying, so I can use that phrase, too.

I hope my enthusiasm brings you HOPE to any projects you are about to begin or are in the middle of…

My sincere wishes of a happy, healthy and succesful 2012! THANK YOU SO MUCH for your continuing support!


Evelyn BrooksWinking smile

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