Blogging From My iPhone…A Whole New Experience!

I can still not believe that I m actually blogging from my iPhone. I m sure there are still things that we can not do in this app, like a hipper link, a emoticon, etc… but it is truly making my life much easier and it is making me feel very productive.

So i thought what can i share this time? …I look on my cell phone for a picture I could share with you and I found the picture of my latest collection that just arrived to Artfully gifts and chocolates located at 506 John Carlyle st. Alexandria va. 22304 that I took a few days ago…

If you are a blogger and want to share with us fabulous things you are doing with your iPhone. Please share them with us. Especially if it helps you to safe time and helps you post quickly.

Evelyn;) Hasta la proxima!

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