Planning for a Retail Show

Dear friends

I am writing this blog from Los Angeles California. The Annual National Hispana Leadership Institute 2011 Executive Leadership Training Conference & Mujer Awards is happening Nov. 3rd & 4th.

This is the 1st time Evelyn Brooks Designs is officially exhibiting in the West Coast.

And of course we had to plan ahead of time for this so awaited exhibition..

I have a list of items to bring for my retails shows…but now I realize that there must be a list for every show just cause every show is different. There are different clients and different expectations for every show. There are different promotions that apply for every show, too. It is a lot of work getting ready for every show.

We not only do retail shows, we also do wholesale shows, we do marketing only shows, we do runway shows, so for each show make your list of items you should never forget. And of course every time you do them make sure you at your list at the end of your show and see what other things you can implement. You can always learn from other exhibitors. Some have been around longer than we are and can give us some advice. Specially try to find how to travel lighter and lighter.

My personal advice if you are returning to a show don’t forget to email all your clients that live close by that area, or clients that you met the year before, invite them and informe them that you will be there:) perhaps an extra incentive would not hurt eitherSmile

I love the reading the Entrepreneur magazine and they always have ideas and advices for those entrepreneurs just starting a  business and for those already are on their way…

I found this link that talks about how to start your retail business

And this one that talks about how to increase your retail sales

Good luck!


Evelyn Brooks

IMG_1437 - CopyIMG00277

P.s.- Pictures above, attendees admiring and purchasing my latest designs at the 2010 NHLI conference in Miami Florida. One of the best parts of my conference last year was that I got to personally meet Miguel Bose Winking smile 

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