Counting the Days for the Buyer’s Market of American Craft


I must say you I have learned a lot since my 1st show during the BMAC Summer Show  of 2010. We worked hard and kept our fingers crossed that everything was going to be fine, and that we would get more wholesale orders so Evelyn Brooks Designs would be seen and purchased nationwide at the most prestigious museum shops, galleries and boutiques.

For those who don’t know what the Buyer’s Market of American Craft is, it is the premier show for American artists to showcase/sell their work. During the show which usually lasts 4 days, buyers from all over the United States and owners of the most prestigious museums, galleries of art and upscale boutiques meet and  place their wholesale orders.

The Buyer’s Market of American Craft (BMAC) has opened the door of many artists and has helped them bring their work to where you want your work to be at.

For example at my last show in Philadelphia, a lady came to me and said: Are you Evelyn Brooks? and I said: YES!? ohhhh it was Linda Marks the buyer from the National Museum of  Women’s in the Arts. We have spoke a lot on the phone but never had a chance to meet  in person and it is always good to see your client in person and built a personal relationship with them.

It is not easy for an artist to hit lots of galleries and museum shops during the 1st wholesale show (BE PATIENT) or perhaps you are the luckiest artist and your work hits the right clients and you make tons of sales on your 1st show…you never know…, I have heard it takes at least three shows to get more and more people interested in your work. Maybe I am wrong but my honest experience is that it hasn’t been bad but I still need to work hard especially because I have to explain that I work with natural seeds and mix them with silver and gold. Again I have learned a lot and that is what matter to me.

One of my biggest client now is Uno Alla Volta. Uno Alla Volta is an upscale boutique which sells through catalog and online. They represent artisans from all over the world. We will go nationwide beginning July 2011 with them. If I haven’t’ been  last February at  the Philadelphia Show, I wouldn’t have met them and established a working relationship with them. I truly look forward to have them and new buyers that I can build a relationship with, for many years to come.

Getting ready for the show…YES it is exhausting! But I do this for living and I can’t wait to show my new collection to more buyers And it will also allow me and my work to be in more states in the United States. Thanks to the BMAC, Evelyn Brooks Designs can now be found in Philadelphia, North Carolina, Chicago, New York, Atlanta, Washington DC, Virginia and Maryland.

Watch the  Preview of the 2011/2012 Jewelry collection on YouTube.

On Sunday July 10th, join me during the BMAC Collector’s day. It is the only day that the Buyer’s Market of American Craft will be open to public. BOOTH 2108

Don’t miss this opportunity! Stop by the Baltimore Convention Center.                     

Remember July 10th (1p-5p)                                                                        



For buyers it is open from Monday July 11th-13th (11a-6p) – BOOTH 2108

Send me all your positive energy and good wishes to have a wonderful show!


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