Working 24/7 Has Its Rewards in Many Ways…

Do I work 24/7 ….YES; unless we go somewhere where I don’t bring my laptop. But there is always my blackberry, right? And when you have your own business that is the nature of it. Being an entrepreneur has its up’s and down as in anything in life BUT I love doing what I do; I love being innovative and bringing new jewelry design ideas as well as services to my clients.

Media coverage is soooo important and it becomes more helpful for your business if the media coverage of your product featured is free of charge. We have paid in the past for advertising in different magazines and honestly it did not really bring us much business. Perhaps we didn’t advertise with  the right magazine, too.
Although I noticed that when there is a story written about yourself or a magazine asks you to write an article, etc., etc.…it is more beneficial for your company and gives you the opportunity to let people to know you better.

It was Sunday night June 26th and I got an email from Mr. Carlos Vasallo (CCO of LatinVision Media Inc.) telling me that I was selected to be featured in their Financial website as one of the most active and prestigious entrepreneurs within the US Hispanic Business Community. I read it more than once and I was thinking WOW Evelyn Brooks one of the most active and prestigious entrepreneurs in the Hispanic Community. What a compliment, huh!?


            Carlos Vasallo from LatinVision Media INC – Photo credit LatinVision

All I do is work hard, all I do is be professional in everything I do and I am sure there are people watching every step you take. Otherwise I am pretty sure  I wouldn’t hear from Carlos Vasallo, right? Smile and other media outlets that have featured Evelyn Brooks Designs

Just like me I am sure there are many entrepreneurs that represent well their community and that are professionals in their business. To all of those my respect and my sincere appreciation for all their hard work. Besides someone watching every step of your business. God is always watching for us too. And I am sure he has a plan and we are in God’s hand every step of the way.

Without further do let me share with you LatinVision’s  fresh interview with Evelyn Brooks  available in Spanish & English. – English – Spanish

evelyn less resolution

Hasta la proxima Winking smile Red lips

P.s.- Learn more about LatinVision Media INC and Carlos Vasallo  innovative work through the creation of Latin Vision.

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