What is a Facebook and Twitter Badge?

1. What are they?

-They are mini box that take a quick preview onto your social profile and activity, often used on blogs as a link to your social network.


2. How do I get myself this badge?

– For Facebook go ahead and go to the log-in page and scroll to the very bottom. There will be horizontal list of links. There you will find badge. From there it is very self-explanatory! You can create a badge for your personal profile, likes, pictures, and pages.

– With Twitter in order for your statuses to show in the badge, the account cannot be on a private setting.


– If not on a private setting, go to the Twitter log-in page, scroll to the very bottom, and click on about. Once on the about page, the sidebar has a link to resources. From there you can click on widgets, and it’s a piece of cake after that!


This post has been written in collaboration with Wanda Hernandez for Evelyn Brooks

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