Going nationwide with Uno Alla Volta

During the Buyer’s Market of American Craft Winter wholesale show I did in Philadelphia,  I had the opportunity to meet with different buyers. Among them, I met the buyers of a company called Stony Creek Brands in North Branford, Connecticut. They stopped at my booth intrigued with my red & black seeds, the meaning behind them, and my craftsmanship. After looking over at my line they said they really liked it and they will place an order.

It was the 1st time I was asked to send my samples and then after reviewing them they would make a final decision about which pieces would make it to the catalog and the online store.

I did my research about who they were and learned about their company. I was thrilled to know that they are a very reputable company, very trusted, and have been serving many customers for quite sometime.


My experience working with the buyer’s since the beginning has been very professional. They have attended every concern, question, request in a timely manner. We communicate often until the final pieces were chosen and anytime. Most of the designs chosen by the buyers are exclusively available through Uno Alla Volta and you won’t find them anywhere else.

For more information visit www.unoallavolta.com, ….Order you catalog NOW


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