Quality family time learning about National Green & Blue Donate Life Day

Sooner than I thought my son is already seven years old. Old enough to learn and understand about certain projects as a mompreneur I believe in, support and are part of.

I wanted to explain my kid, we are devoted and support DONATE LIFE for so many years.FullSizeRender

How do you teach your kid, you are a responsible parent?

How do you explain him/her you care about important causes like DONATE LIFE.

Both my kids were too little when I decided to get involve with “Done Vida”, when I learned about “Done Vida” or “Donate Life” , before I became a donor, I read success stories of many patients  and it was shocking all I read, mhttp://www.donatelife.netost importantly there are thousands and thousands of patients nationwide waiting to receive a transplant. Transplantation has the largest number of success stories in the history of medicine. If you die all of a sudden or unexpectedly, but  if you are registered as a donor, you can help save a life; could be with your organs, eyes & tissue in good condition that can be used in a patient who is waiting for a transplant.

National Statistics mention:

  • One person is added to the nation’s transplant list every 10 minutes
  • Saddly 22 people die each day for not receiving the organs needed on time, approximately a total of 8000 people a year
  • The average waiting time for a kidney disease patient is 3 to 5 years
  • There are approx. 30000 tissue donors each year, and a single tissue donor can help 50 people

As a mompreneur, due to my job I travel a lot; I always leave the house praying to come back home safe. Although we never know, today we are here and tomorrow we are not. I write my blog as a way to inspire others to live a better life and leave a legacy to our kids, leave them valuable lessons as well as sharing thoughful messages to the parents.

IMG_1563How I told the story about becoming a DONOR to my kids especially to my seven year old?  what is it? why? I explain him about the campaign and why we wear green & blue to identify mommy & daddy, as proud organ donors, so the most effective way to do it was making our own T-shirts, even my husband got involved into getting to know more about Donate Life, becoming a donor, too.IMG_1603

So we ALL went to a fabric store, got our green t-shirts, blue paint & fabric markers, trust me I didn’t spend more than $6 in each t-shirt, we all learned, share and talked about DONATE LIFE, we also had so much fun and spend some quality time together.

Tyler got so excited he wanted to stamp his hands in his t-shirt, write his name, adding his own creativity into his t-shirt, as we were doing it I was explaining him why was so important to remember we are always together but if something happens to any of us we will remember the best momIMG_1580ents, like this one as simple as doing our own Donate Life t-shirts but so happy to spend some quality time together.

Stella my youngest daughter only three, also took part into making her own Done Vida t-shirt and  as I mentioned before Bryan my hubby also did his part.

To register as a donor and safe lives click here http://www.beadonor.org

TO CELEBRATE NATIONAL BLUE & GREEN DAY on April 15th, we wear our own Donate t-shirts.

Check out our cool t-shirts we are wearing to give hope to the many patients as well as motivating others to become organ donors.

IMG_5117 IMG_5114 IMG_5128IMG_5184IMG_5172

Till next time!
Evelyn Brooks

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