Georgeous weather for great outdoor product photography

Spring is here! The weather is perfect to go for a walk and shoot great product pictures. So I went out and shot some of our most sold pieces along with our new bookmarks in a bright and sunny day.

Get your best sellers or some of your new designs and impress your customers.

As you walk around look for the perfect background that will work with your type of jewelry. Check out the beautiful backgrounds I found:

IMG_0956 IMG_0957 IMG_0955

Then I took a few of my best sellers from my meaningful eco-friendly jewelry line and look what I was able to accomplish. Look for a place with lots of light. Natural light is the best for outdoor pictures. If you have an iphone you can use it, too; you will be surprise at the quality of the outdoor pictures.

IMG_5046   IMG_5049

Want to shop these pieces and some of my new designs visit us at











Hope you feel inspired and ready to go out and enjoy the beautiful weather.

Till next time!

Evelyn Brooks

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