Get lucky…with Peruvian huayruro seeds

Peruvian huayruro(why-ee-ru-ros) seeds are for Peruvians a symbol of protection & good luck, for citizens of many other countries in Central and South American it means also protection & good luck. For centuries these seeds, have been a symbol of good luck, prosperity, they also attract love, happiness, and most importantly, they PROTECT US AGAINST NEGATIVE ENERGY.


I made a special rosary for Telemundo “Dia de la Familia” fashion show, my son Tyler wore it on the runway

This is my personal story with the Peruvian huayruros. Share your story (comment below;) Let others know about it!

Throughout my life and since I was little, I remember growing up surrounded by those seeds, either as a decoration at home or simply because I couldn’t leave my house without my huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) bracelet, string on a ribbon or on a stretchy cord.
After so many years of living in Peru and when I decided to launched my jewelry company, I wanted to do something different but still trendy.  I believe on these seeds so much, they are part of my life & heritage and they have a special meaning in my life.                They have brought many blessings not only to my family, but in helping me grow my business ethically.

I firmly believe in the mystical and magical power of the huayruros. They helped my business stay afloat during the rocky economy in 2008. Of course, I have always being creative about designing and producing my jewelry pieces, with those seeds, I have created some of my top selling designs.

Here’s a little story you may find funny OR simply huayruro seeds DO help good things to happen.

During one of my visits to Peru; I brought a bag of huayruro seeds to make pieces at my dad’s jewelry factory. I stopped by my father’s office, unnoticed by me, a few seeds fell out of my huayruro beading box. A few nights later my dad found them, put them in his pocket, went to the casino and won $5000.

My mother, always carries them in her purse.  We believe it’s always good to have one (red & black)  in your wallet/purse so you never run out of money. However, my husband, who is an

IMG_0948American, does not believe in the power of the huayruro. He tells me if you always work hard, you will have money.

Anyhow, keeping up with with the Peruvian tradition, both my kids have worn their huayruro bracelet .           I created a  huayruro baby jewelry line very popular among those who are looking for baby gifts and who know about the power of the huayruros.

Some customers have come back, to tell me I had my bracelet in my purse, went to a party and it dissapeared, or I loved my bracelet and somehow I lost it. Some people say, it is because someone else is trying to take away your LUCK or your talisman protection.


Look at my daughter little red huayruro bracelet. We never leave the house without it.

Some marinera dancers (a Peruvian traditional dance) before going out to compete, they attach little huayruro charms in its dresses or suits, as a sign of protection and obviously for good luck.

Want to stay protected from bad energy while living a positive life; you can always find something for you or for your loved ones in my newly designed website.

Hope this blog post helps you learn a little bit more about our Peruvian huayruro seeds and if you have a personal story to share, we look forward to see your comments below:)

Till next time,



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