Five easy steps to plan your future?

September 22nd is Women’s Business Day, everyday we can celebrate our many accomplishments, right?

I want to take a moment and tell you, have you thought about your future?  retirement plans? as a mompreneur sometimes perhaps we worried more about advancing our companies and what about us and our personal future?

As a working-age woman, I was surprised to learn from a recent CNBC
article that only 53% of us have started planning for retirement
compared to 65% of our male peers!

There few things you can do to start saving money:
1. Stop spending money on little things you don’t need (like Starbucks)
2. Bike to work if possible to save money on car/gas instead also consider conference calls whenever you can,  they are the best way to safe you valuable TIME.                                                           

3. Plan picnics to the park instead of taking your family out to dinner  and make it more fun for you and your kids


4. If you have a birthday party make a meaningful and handmade birthday present. Buy memory wire string your favorite beads, or beads from a broken necklace to recycle it and make a special birthday present;)


Hand-made beaded bracelet on memory wire by Evelyn Brooks.

5. There are several free kids acitivies to attend and spend the day without having to pay outraggeous tickets to a theme park. Check out museums they usually have kids friendly areas that will keep your kids busy.

Also consider, making tke the most of your 401k contributions (because many companies will match it up to a certain point!)

Did you know that you can take control of your money with Personal Capital?

Personal Capital’s retirement planner, can help you plan your retirement in a structured way, manage assets and investments, get objective advice and strategies, all in one place. 100% free for anyone in the U.S. 

Hope this help YOU think about your future!

Till next time!


Evelyn Brooks

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