Do you believe in good energy?

Not long ago my brother came to visit from Peru just for a few days. After a couple days, he told my mom over the phone that at nights he wasn’t able to sleep well, while staying over at my house. He told my mom: “I feel Evelyn’s house is HEAVY”… of course as latinos some we may understand what heavy means, right?. Which ins’t heavy because is heavy in weight, instead it means the energy in the house is heavy.            In all honesty I haven’t noticed anything, but started to think about his comments.

Maybe in a way I forgot a little about how to take care or protecting my house and keeping it clean/protected from bad people’s energy.

My culture and my roots will always be part of my life and started to think about the things we used to do back in Peru to clean bad energy;  I also remember when my uncle Enrique, used to come to clean my house, with holly water, candles and a broom to clean from inside out, he would pray and then end outside of the house saying: AFUERA LO MALO, AFUERAAAA – everything BAD BAD GET AWAY, GET AWAY

So as I tried to remember what to do to clean my house; I asked my mom and friends what should I do, an let me share with you what you could do, it might be helpful, easy to do and very inexpensive:)

Things you could use to clean and protect your house:

  • Limes
  • Holly water
  • Quince
  • Eggs (are for personal cleaning but is worth mentioning it:)

The limes will go in the center of your table in a bowl or behind the door entrance hanging from a bag.

The holly water is so that you, at midnight sprinkle holly water house in the corners of your house and pray while you do it.


when I told my husband I am cleaning the house YES OR YES


The quince, (buy three) put one under your bed, one behind the couch in your living room and one in the kitchen in a place where people can’t see it.



With the eggs I can do a whole post about it; although I am just going to mention something briefly. For example, when babies are little and someone comes to visit them; if a person holds the baby,all of a sudden the kids starts crying a lot, you know an egg is needed after the visit, or if the baby was exposed to a big crowd you know the egg is needed; my husband didn’t believe in it but one time we didn’t know what else to do for Tyler to stop crying and my mom said try the egg, and problem solved. When I have been in a place with a lot of people and next day I feel down of energy, I pass myself an egg to clean myself / my energy; when you open the egg (pour it in a half glass of water) you will see the many little eyes of people on you. You will probably feel like resting for a few hours and then you will wake up like new:)


My kids Tyler and Stella Rose learning about cleaning the house

The point is we latinas have our own beliefs and some respect them and some don’t, my husband has no choice other than respect it. My now six year old remembers the eggs so much that he would hide a couple in his night stand when he was little and then even pretend he would pass the eggs. Last week my son Tyler found a quince and said to me: Mommy, I found this quince behind the couch, so I had to tell him I was cleaning the house “the latin way”, cause of course the american way will be with a broom right? He looked at me with a strange look and him and my husband were teasing me about the whole cleaning idea. I don’t expect him to know all this now but I said to him I am cleaning the house leave it there. When you grow up you will understand. My husband still gives me the strange look saying like how are you going to clean the house like that…
I know as latinas again we have our own ways to do things and all this cleaning style is simply another way to continue our traditions.

Next time you want to get rid off some bad energy here you have some easy tips;)

I also want to share with you what other bloggers are writing about how to bring good energy to your home

Till next time!


Holly water, quince, limes use to clean the house and the eggs to clean your bad energy.


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