4 Online tools your business needs


Have you ever been pulled in a million different directions at the same time at work? We understand that its hard being a entrepreneur and we’re here to help! Check out 4 online tools your business needs below.

1. Trello


Do you ever hear people telling you to visualize your future and your success? If you look at many top companies, they have a visual wall or a mood wall to visualize where they want their company to grow to and how they want to succeed. Trello is an online tool to virtually give you space for your own visual wall. You can post anything that inspires you and your business along with to-do lists, reminders, and tasks! Trello is free and you can also get the app on Apple and Android.

2. Freshbooks


This website is basically a business’s dream. Freshbooks can track and manage time, so any employees you have will be documented without having to worry about lost hours. This site makes it easier to send invoices and have customers pay you as well as being able to track and manage expenses. A bonus feature in Freshbooks can be compared to a virtual accountant. You can view your profit and loss statements, tax reports, and expense summaries. Freshbooks has a free 30 day trial currently, so feel free to try it out!

3. LastPass


Passwords can be so frustrating, especially when everyone is telling you to never make them the same so you’re more secure. Its hard to keep track of them! Luckily, there is LastPass. LastPass works with Macs, PCs, and Linux systems to securely remember your logins for every website. They promise ultra secure data protection for all the data you store with them. LastPass is free and you can also download their app on Apple or Android.

4. Basecamp


This tool is a must have for businesses looking for a way to bring all of their staff together. Basecamp lets you work on projects with people you chose, sign contracts, help meet deadlines and complete to-do lists. This site is a dream for teamwork. Basecamp establishes one main place where co-workers and teams can work on projects together in a helpful and data secure environment. Even companies like Etsy and Nike use Basecamp! Right now, Basecamp is offering two months free on their website to try!

Interesting huh?

Till next wednesday with a business advice;)


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