Schools out for summer



I want you to have the best summer you can with your family without being overwhelmed. Balancing work and spending time with the kids while schools out for summer can be tough. Below are some tips and suggestions to make this summer the best one yet without getting stressed out!

1. Regular Bonding Time

Over the summer, its hard to establish a schedule because your work changes, but your children’s’ doesn’t. If you can make a little bit of time every day for your kids, even if its just eating breakfast with them at the same time before work, they will love it. Children love a routine and the fact that they get to spend time with you everyday is great.


2. Unplug

Technology can be an amazing learning tool for our kids, but it can also hurt our natural sense of curiosity and wonder when learning. When banning television and the computer, over time kids get creative with their unplugged time and learn things they wouldn’t of before sitting in front of a screen. In our case we learn how to dance a tradition Peruvian dance called “Marinera”.

3. Learn

An easy daytime activity during the week or even the weekends can include the library or a museum. A local library is a great and cost effective trip while your little ones get loads of knowledge in return! Reading is a great skill for kids to have and it keeps their minds active while out of school. Museums are also a great place for kids to go in the summer. They allow kids to interact and be visual learners. The kids activity center at the American Indian Museum in Washington DC, always offers hands on activities for kids and they easily spend a couple hours exploring and traveling with a passport through different stations and they have to stamp its passport as they go through each station.

IMG_3166 IMG_3171

4. Plan activities

You don’t need to plan an enormous vacation to make the summer memorable. Things like picnics, camping in the backyard, movies, living room sleepovers, and even drawing with chalk in your driveway can be memories that your kids will remember forever.

Till next Monday;)


Evelyn Brooks


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