Celebrating Mother’s day giving back

Powerful moms from the DC area donated their time and efforts to raise funds for The Tigerlilly Foundation.

Last friday I had the chance to work with some of my favorite designers whom I met when I began my journey as a jewelry designer over 10 years ago. Our journey as designers remained true to our love for fashion and were able to continue doing what we love to do. Lara Akinsaya of L’Shandi and @Afua Sam head des
igner of Studio D’Maxi,  thanks YOU for inviting me to accesorize your georgeous gowns.


It is great to always work with people whom I met so long ago and meet new people who now know about our work.

Maggy Francois producer of the show, let us admire once again her profesionalism and passion to do what you do best in event productions and also inspire her own students from West Potomac Academy Fashion Design Program to follow her steps and get inspired by designers like as to follow their dreams.

Our social responsability efforts are still strong and even more now that I have one of my very close friends dealing with this horrible decease. We all have the right to live and enjoy our family and friends. Our kids have the right to have a mom for many many years.

I haven’t seen anyone suffering from cancer so closed until I heard all the words from my close friend Rose Marie, just at that moment I felt as if it would be me having cancer or putting me in the possition of what could happen. She has three kids and her last daughter is the same age as my Stella Rose two years old. I know God 441has its plans for everyone, but if we can at least fight together and find the cure for this decease will be a gift from God. In the meantime let’s take all preventive methods to least have a test once a year.

Sincerely with all my heart I wish everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day!
Evelyn Brooks

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