Looking GOOD as a mompreneur in five easy steps: a Simple Make Up Regime

As a mompreneur you are always on the go, running and doing five things or more at the time. Time is too short to do everything so here I came with five easy steps that you shouldn’t miss every morning to leave the house and always be ready.

Hasn’t it happened to you that you leave the house and feel like OMG I look like crap. Think about it for one second, you never know who you will meet that will be interested in your product or service and is all about first impression.

Bottom line as a small business entrepreneur, we are the face of our company what your client will buy is what they see. So think about it;)

I am just here to give you a little advice that helps you get going and get inspire to continue doing what you do and get more business out of every single situation you can.

Especially if you are in the fashion, accesories, style business. You do need to look at your best:) even if you are jogging, you may see someone famous jogging at the same park you go to, you never know;)

So here’s my five minute ritual in five steps!

1.  Make up base (if you are in a rush just get those press powder

2. Concealer (under your eyes) put more if you think your pictures come out looking as if you just woke up. I use it before an after make up so it gives me full coverage, light up my eyes and hide my dark circles. If you just want to add a little bit of color to your eyes, the eye shadow primer is the BEST (urban decay is the best one)

3. Eye pencil or  eye liner

4. Your favorite mascara

5.  Lipstick

and VAMONOS…ready;)

Try it you won’t be disappointed;)

Till next time!

Evelyn Brooks

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