EBD Bridal Must Haves

As spring springs into the year, brides everywhere are getting ready for weddings in the perfect weather, at the perfect location, in the perfect gown, wearing the perfect jewelry. So what is the perfect jewelry? Is it the boring old diamonds? No, of course not because your engagement ring won’t pop if everything is diamond!

Instead, check out Evelyn Brooks Designs bridal collection! We have that special touch– the red huayruro beads bring the good luck to the stress of the wedding and to the marriage!

This week’s must haves are suitable for a bride to look stunning and luminous on her wedding day: Silver Elegant Bridal Headband, Crochet Red and Silver Necklace, and Crochet Red and Silver earrings.

bridal outfit





















Whether you are getting married or watching an assortment of bridal shows, the EBD bridal collection is perfect for any wedding, and goes beautifully with every white dress!

Happy Wedding Season from EBD!


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