Kids grow too fast…

Gosh I can’t believe my little Tyler is turning six. Many things have happened in the past six years.

I know (for sure) I am not the perfect mom, but as many of us we tried our best, right? We latinas, are probably LOUD and end up raising our kids the latin way, for those who don’t know you must be like, huh? OK, so here are some samples of the latin way:  Say good morning with a kiss, say good bye with another kiss, hug your mom, let’s pray before we go to bed, if you don’t behave el cuco viene, then if he is crying you tell them cry, cry, then you tell them why are you crying? or if you don’t behave God is gonna punish you or tell me everything that happened at school, (everything, right?), if your kid says I don’t want to eat this you feed them, right? and so on…or you wipe your kids butt until what age?! HELLO and we call it latin way, huh?!

Once I heard somebody saying if your kid is able to solve his problems independently then you are doing a great job as a parent.

So even though sometimes I am afraid to let Tyler go out for dinner or lunch with one of my good neighbor (she loves him) and we truly love it, too;  if someone give us a break from him (is AWESOME)…LOL,  and this is what my neighbor Susana had to say: Tyler is so nice and so proper to ask for things and says Thank YOU I don’t know how many times, he tells me stories in Spanish of course and we laugh and laugh. Of course Tyler does 10 times better with anyone else than he does at home (does this sounds familiar?)

I believe my job as a latino mom born and raised in Peru for over 20 years,  is to raise a bilingual kids. Raise a kid who respects everyone and knows its boundaries and rules. Someone who is capable to enjoy life wherever he gets to live.

We are pretty sure that later in the future Tyler (my son) will probably understand why sometimes we have to be tough but also nice with him. In spanish it will be like “a Dios rogando y con el mazo dando”

I still have letters I wrote for Tyler since he was born because I won’t remember all those feelings I had and the memories that went through my head when he was a baby or as he grew up. So mommy’s if you every feel you have something special to say to your kids, write about it and then years later read it together.

All I can say is that everytime I look into Tyler eyes I see those little eyes I first saw when he was born. He has given me so much strength and adrenaline to continue growing personally and professionally, so that one day he proudly says: THAT WOMAN IS MY MOM.

And even though sometimes I am not there for him because as mompreneurs we get to travel or for some work commitment we are not there, etc, etc; he knows that I am in his heart as I always tell him;)

with all my heart Happy Birthday mi chiquitin, may God guide you in every step  you give.

I resumed some of his life moments of this past six years in this three minute video

Mami Evelyn



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