SCAM: How to avoid a FAKE wholesale jewelry order? My personal story

I got another scam email today and I think is important to share the insights of what happened so this doesn’t occur to you:)

scam-alert avoid-diamond-scams









It has been two weeks since I got an email from a store in the island of Malta ordering about $5000 in jewelry but requiring we use their shipping method.

I answered the email just as I would answer any other wholesale order; telling this guy we will be happy to prepare his order after he pays through PayPal and we would do complimentary shipping to ensure the shipment arrived to his destination. He replied insisting we ship with a company he worked with for many years.

Then I started to have weird feeling about ALL this. I finally told about all this to my IT tech hubby, who inmediately said this is a SCAM and eventhough I dream about a good wholesale order, the dream didn’t last long.

My husband asked me to read a news article discussing how another jewelry company had been victim of a scam. Using the same wording used on the email I received. So I finally had to admit to my husband: he was right! (Only this time… LOL)

Check this article, too

Two weeks later look at another email I got today :


Am Allen Baker, but running one of my stores here in Tokyo. I will like to
place an order from you and i am registered with a shipping company whom i
have used severally without any delay nor problems with my goods. Before i
place these order, i will like to know if i am able to place the order and
most important:

1) If i can make payment with my credit cards Visa/Mc because that is the o
nly way i am set for payment for now without no delay.

2) I don’t place online orders, can i e-mail my order then you can give me
a quote here and make charges to my cards manually on your end ( Credit Car
d Terminal) Pls Clarify.


Tokyo Trade Center Bldg,

2F. 1-7-8, Kaigan,


Tokyo 105-0022.

Looking forward to your swift response then we can proceed further as soon

as possible..

Warmest Regards

Allen Baker

I am sharing all this because it is very important to know that as  jewelry entrepreneurs we may be victims of scams such as this one. For my jewelry friends in other countries: get ready to face a scam!

What I did was block the address of the sender, and this time I am not even waisting my time looking at this possible order that is just another scam.

Truly hope this helps YOU!



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