Latina mompreneur Evelyn Brooks at the National Latina Symposium

As we were driving this morning to the Wardman Marriott in Washington DC, I told my husband do you know how many years I have been attending the National Latina Symposium? It is been seven years.

It is been seven wonderful years, where we go and meet wonderful government and military people. It is a day to learn how Latinas are advancing their careers in political  and government levels, throughout the conference you also learn about the many military programs available that women can access to.

Through out the years I have met wonderful people like Frank Gomez from ETS or Maria Cardona CNN Political contributor.

Thanks to Latina Style and its team they do an awesome job organizing the conference. For big corporations or small businesses they provide tables to exhibit and of course we are one of the many exhibitors. We get to meet new customers and we see our old-time customers returning.


Frank Gomez (ETS) & Evelyn Brooks


Maria Cardona (CNN political contributor) & Evelyn Brooks










I worked on new jewelry designs that I wanted to exclusively debut at this conference. They are made for the executive women,  those women that are looking for something stylish and elegant to go to work and those who aren’t afraid to wear something big & bold. And the new designs were SOLD OUT:)

photo 4 photo 3









Thanks again to Latina Style and all its team for letting me be part of the National Latina symposium 2014! See you SOON;)

Hasta la próxima

Evelyn Brooks

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