Mompreneur on vacation…

Is there really vacation time as a mompreneur? Do we really get time off? kind of hard when you have your own business, children and a husband to take care of. I come from a family of entrepreneurs. My dad has been an entrepreneur since age seventeen and still remains in the same jewelry business, he started, then. My mom along his side helping him as his right hand after all those years. Each of my brothers have their own business in the jewelry industry, too.

When my brothers visit me, or when my dad visits me. I get upset because they have to make business decisions  or they have to talk to their employees while they are on vacation; and I get upset about it. Because some how they always end up working while they are on vacation.


These are my brothers & me (top) Ellyot, Erick (seating next to me) & myself.

I am starting to understand it, thought. It is happening to me, now. I just came back from Peru and I was there for a month. As much as I ‘d like to be off for a month without talking about business. It always happens. VACATION IS NEVER REALLY VACATION. Especially if I travel to my home country Peru, with my two kids. I had little time for myself; on top of that  I still had to answer emails and make sure things are working in the States while I am visiting my family and having a little vacation time in Peru. It is the same thing that happens to my dad and brothers when they come to visit me or when they travel somewhere else on vacation.


Seeing my dad & his grandkids spending time together is priceless.

I hope we live closer so they get to enjoy our kids.


Having a little bit of time alone and away from the kids with my husband . At one of the hottest & best places to eat a gourmet burger with Peruvian flavor “ PAPACHOS”. This restaurant it is a MUST if you are visiting Lima and if happen to be  in the beautiful district of Miraflores.

But I can’t complain. Life is all about choices and I choose to be a mompreneur. Have a business venture that I love deeply and that I truly believe in.

Evelyn Brooks Designs is a mompreneur business especialized in unique jewelry hand-made designs using natural seeds called huayruro seeds we mixed them with gold and silver creating one of a kind designs.

I am already planning my next time off. Hopefully in December we will head back to Peru to spend Christmas with my family and to enjoy the SUMMER time. Till then we will continue working hard and we look forward to a great holiday seasonWinking smile


Evelyn Brooks

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