5 Tips to Score a Sale in this Economy

Compared to last year, I’ve noticed a BIG change in Evelyn Brooks Designs, but it doesn’t have anything to do with me or my jewelry.

It has to do with the economy.

This year, I’ve noticed that the economy is still taking a toll on the arts and crafts world. Even though it is supposedly doing much better than past years, I can’t help but notice how people just don’t want to buy — and if they do want to buy, it’s usually a purchase under $50.

Just last year, I could make thousands during a weekend arts show or festival, but this year, I am struggling to break a thousand. However, I think I have found a potential solution to help things move along this year and hopefully increase some sales!

One of my favorite pieces using baby Huayruros!

One of my favorite pieces using baby Huayruros!



Before, I barely had to try to sell my jewelry…it just sold! But now, because of the economy’s effects on people’s wallets, I had to change things up a bit, and I found 5 good ways to make a sale without REALLY trying.





5 Steps to Score a Sale

Step One: Let the customer take the lead.

I’m sure many entrepreneurs, salespeople and retailers know the tell-tale signs of a customer who doesn’t want you to talk to them. The customer avoids eye contact at all costs, they’ll ignore you and they’ll keep their distance. And I’m sure many of these entrepreneurs have tried to sell to them, and it RARELY ever works because they didn’t let the customer lead their way to a sale. If a customer is completely uninterested in buying something, take the hint, and let it slide — offer your business card and say, “Thanks for stopping by,” and that’s all you have to do.

But then there are the customers who are interested. They want to learn about the product and about you, so give them all you’ve got! But if you notice them withdrawing from the conversation, take a note of their body language and back off. NO ONE likes a pushy salesperson!

Step Two: Don’t let personal views get in the way.

Sometimes we have opinions that may clash with our customer’s — and that’s completely fine! Just because you may think one of your own items is pricey, don’t let the customer know that. Let them decide for themselves whether or not they think something is expensive or inexpensive, and never do it for them.

But what if the customer asks for your opinion about something. Remember, to be honest, but if that results in a lost sale, ALWAYS offer other options or suggestions. In the end, everything is the customer’s decision, so do not let your personal views get in the way of a sale.

Red Huayruros and sterling silver pop against a black display!

Red Huayruros and sterling silver pop against a black display!

Step Three: An enticing display.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you would be surprised at how many people do not include display as a priority. As an example, people are enticed by my display — it is completely black with pops of Huayruro seed jewelry and sterling silver. The red and silver are bold pieces that catch people’s eyes as they walk by my displays.

But if I had chosen to use white as the background for my jewelry…everything would be lost. The pieces wouldn’t seem to pop, and the jewelry would be lost in the background — not very eye-catching!

So just remember to use colors that make your product pop, and use photos and supplemental materials to show people how to wear, use or apply your product to their lives. If they can’t make a connection as to how your product would look on them or how your product could be used, then again, your sale is lost.

The Square Up app is a lifesaver! It’s so easy to do credit/debit transactions, and it definitely opens up your audience!

Step Four: Get creative with payment.

This is a big one! I can’t tell you how many people will turn up their nose to someone at an art show that does not accept credit or debit cards. What Evelyn Brooks Designs uses at shows and events is the SquareUp App that you can download on to any mobile device. You register it with your email — it’s super simple, and it only costs $10!

Also, if someone haggles with you at an event or show, I say go for it, but be reasonable. Offer them exclusive deals (e.i. buy one get one half off or free, buy 2 get 3rd free, 20% off on sets, etc.) so that they know you’re willing to work with them financially so they can get what they want.

Step Five: Don’t Overthink!

This is, by far, the MOST IMPORTANT step! Remember to go with the flow, and make connections with customers — don’t play things by the book, and let the sale just happen. Trust me, when you stop thinking so hard about what you have to do, need to do and should be doing to make the perfect sale, THAT is when you’ll make a sale 😉

Hope these 5 steps help any other business owners and entrepreneurs make their sales AND better connections with their audiences!

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