On May 5th Evelyn Brooks Designs at the Embassy of Peru

What an honor! In late January 2012 I received and invitation from the Embassy of Peru to be part of Passport DC 2012PassportDC-CMYK


To be honest I have been waiting for this moment but as I always think when the time is right, things will come to you (of course sometime you have to knock doors, too). So I thought this MUST BE our time! To be considered one of the most notable Peruvian artists living in Washington DC and having the opportunity to share my jewelry designs with thousands of people at the Embassy of Peru during Passport DC, means a lot to Evelyn Brooks Designs. Perhaps I could also say that hard work is giving its rewards…FINALLY…huh?! Smile

Who is Evelyn Brooks? I consider myself a young jewelry Hispanic American mompreneur who came to this country nine years ago to marry a wonderful man, with many dreams under my arm to fullfill. I also wanted to prove my parents that YES you could be a professional mompreneur, having a husband and child to take care of BUT if you balance your live style; YES YOU CAN HAVE IT ALL.

Just as many other immigrants who are business owners and who want to see their business growing especially in a different country  than the one they were born,  it isn’t easy. Being invited to participate in events like Passport DC is something to feel proud of.  Thanks to the Embassy of Peru for considering my work to be part of Passport DC 2012 and for their continue support!

Evelyn Brooks Designs will showcase her Nasca Collection inspired in the Nasca Lines and will continue promoting the famous Peruvian huayruros through this new jewelry collection. Don’t know what huayruros are? Huayruro seeds come from the rainforest of Peru. It is believed that huayruros bring good luck, positive energy and prosperity to whomever wears them. The Nazca Jewelry Collection is available in sterling silver and 18kt vermeil gold. Prices range from $38- $750

007_9206-- crystal couture phil kogan

Want to know more about the Nasca Lines? Love Peruvian history?  And have the time and money to travel. Explore my beautiful country Peru, DON’T WAIT!  Did you know?…The famous city of Macchu Picchu located in Cuzco, is considered one of the 1000 best places to visit before you die.

Stop by my booth at the Embassy of Peru on May 5th and get a complimentary good luck charm!

Evelyn Brooks tight #30ADA4


Hasta la proximaWinking smile

Evelyn Brooks

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