Nanny Swap? A New Option for Mompreneurs!

You’ve hear of the show wife swap, right?  Well..I am going to throw an idea out there for a new reality show …how about The Nanny Swap. What is it? Some of you are probably doing it already, but I am totally new to this, and I like to give some ideas to the mompreneurs out there who don’t know what else to do to continue working on a budget finding time for working while spending time with your kids.


One of my good friends told me why don’t you come one morning to my house and babysit my two kids while you also bring your son, so they can play while me and you work, of course one adult had to be in charge at a time. By doing so I could work two hours then we swap and my friend would work two hours…not bad huh!?  Have you thought about it? Sometimes we also think is the nanny really doing her job? Are the kids34 watching TV all the time? Me and my friend both want the best for our kids, just as most mom’s out there. We will have them interacting more, socializing, reading, YES watching a bit of TV but most importantly  running a lot to get them tired, so they get their 2 hrs. nap in the afternoon and we could continue workingWinking smile 


This is my little one getting involve in my daily routine as a mompreneur

Our 1st 30 minutes, we talked about how our businesses are doing, how we are working our schedule to find time to work and focus on our different projects (all these while the kids were already running around). After that I got into her home office and worked for two hours, during that time my friend watched the kids, gave them snacks and so on. Then I came out and it was my nanny time. I played with the three of them and started to make lunch for all of us. Without even noticing it, it was almost time to go home and my little one looked like he needed a nap, too.

I found this to be very motivating and really exciting. I truly look forward to do our nanny swap day. We saved money on nanny services, we also had some quality girlfriend catch up and spend time with our kids. What a great day!

mommy n kid bb computer

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Do you have any suggestions? What are you doing to continue your mompreneur path? If there are any ideas you would like to share with me through my blog. Please do so…

Let your kid be involve in your mompreneur path, sometimes be flexible and make it a mommy and me playdate in your studio. You know all they want is just be with mommySmile

Hasta la proxima!

Evelyn Brooks

One thought on “Nanny Swap? A New Option for Mompreneurs!

  1. Christal DeLoach says:

    As a mompreneur, I understand the challenges that come along with work/life balance. But, in the end it is all worth it. I remember when I first decided to leave my corporate job to become a full-time mom. Something inside of me couldn't let go of the hustle and independence of working. So, I decided that I could have my cake and eat it, too. It was one of the best decisions I've ever made. During that time, I grew along with my children and discovered my passion for health, nutrition, and wellness which I turned into a career as a Health Coach. As a health coach, I take my experience as a mompreneur and show other moms how they can have the best of both worlds without losing their sanity. Christal DeLoachHolistic Health


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