Sustainable Fashion Handmade by Peruvian Andean Women needs your support

INKAMODA one of our Perú Gifts featured ethical brands, together with artisans, alpaca breeding communities, and weavers, began working to preserve the skills, knowledge, and traditions of the inhabitants of the area. Although ancestral arts are considered cultural heritage of humanity, their existence in today’s world is extremely fragile and they are always in danger of extinction.

Inkamoda aims to generate a profound and long-term impact; they worked to unite and revalue local techniques and talents to create a sustainable fashion. Our mission is to solve the problems faced by artisans and producers of natural fibers that inhabit Cusco and the Andes and create an alternative and sustainable model for the fashion and fabric industry.

Help us reach our $10,000 goal to provide more job opportunities and employ more women in a new community in the Andes of Peru said Varignia Garcia Inkamoda head designer and leader of this project.

That will cover costs associated with providing our new artisans with workspace, equipment, and technical training.

One of our favorite ethical brands from Peru Gift Shop needs our help. Many years ago, I met Varignia, the Peruvian designer behind Inkamoda. We have shared many mompreneur experiences (we even shared hotel rooms…LOL), but it is true, we traveled to Chicago, Uruguay. Then I was lucky enough to come to Cusco Perú, where her beautiful family hosted me.

I have seen myself how hard Varignia and her family have worked over the years. They continue working hard, empowering women, helping women grow, but we can not do this alone. We have to stay together and continue growing.

Help Inkamoda and her ethical practices to continue growing her small business while supporting all the women artisans that work with her.

Please donate –

Check out samples of Inkamoda’s warm sweaters designed with women artisans. You can order them 24/7 at Shop & Support & Receive complimentary shipping with your $100 purchase

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Evelyn Brooks

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