Peruvian Jewelry Handmade on Amazon- By Evelyn Brooks Designs

Hello, my dear readers. I hope you all are doing super amazing! In today’s blog post, I want to talk about Peruvian Jewelry handmade on Amazon. If you didn’t know already, Evelyn Brooks Designs (that’s my company) sells Peruvian jewelry handmade on Amazon. In fact, we are one of the top sellers on the website when you search ‘Peruvian jewelry ’. Isn’t that totally cool? There are so many people out there who shop at Amazon on a regular basis and I wanted to reach all of them. The reason why we decided to sell on Amazon is because I wanted to expand my business and give more people a chance to see my work. I felt that Amazon would be the perfect platform to do this and that proved to be very true. We have been selling there for almost one year now and things have been going super smooth!

What Makes Us Unique

The reason why we are one of the top sellers on Amazon is because people really love buying handmade jewelry. There is just something very appealing about anything handmade and that is what attracts our customers. In addition to that, we sell Peruvian inspired jewelry carefully handmade by me and team, and that is what makes our designs so unique. By purchasing our designs, the customers get a chance to not only wear a piece of jewelry, but also some of Peru’s treasures and mysteries. All the pieces in our Peruvian jewelry handmade collection is made with natural Huayruro (why-ee-ru-ro) Peruvian seeds, a symbol of prosperity, love, happiness and good luck.

Each and every one of our designs comes with a good luck charm and a card that tells the story of my Peruvian inspired Huayruros jewelry collection.

We have a bunch of pieces on Amazon and our customers really love the diversity we offer. Plus, we also offer our customers with next day shipping or second-day delivery. Do you know what that means? You can receive what you shop the next day! This is one of the benefits of shopping with Amazon; the stuff gets shipped so quickly and they never make any mistakes. Amazon Prime is like the best thing ever and makes your life so much easier; so I would definitely recommend shopping from there.

We will very soon be celebrating a year selling on Amazon and in honor of that, we will add more designs to our collection and even do special sales for our lovely customers. So, if you want to enjoy buying affordable, high quality and Peru inspired jewelry; go have a look at my collection and keep your eyes peeled for the sale!


Till next time…

Have a great week!


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