TELEMUNDO NOTICIAS WASHINGTON DC visits the studio of Evelyn Brooks Designs on a very special day celebrating “International Women’s Day”

I was able to share my work, how is my life as a mompreneur, my studio where I make my pieces and my new showroom, where I exhibit my jewelry designs and also other Peruvian Alpaca brands like Inkamoda & Nyms-Fashion from Peru.

During my interview I talked about how I get my seeds to make my collections, how I make my pieces, how long they take to make, we also had a chance to make a piece from my heartbeat collection and more…

It is my intention to motivate and inspire other immigrant women to follow their dreams to work hard for what they want but also to not stop being a wife, a girlfriend, a sister, a mom; balance it all and you will see that everything is possible.

Watch the interview


Till next time;)

Sincerely Evelyn Brooks

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