Months went by putting together a customized possible order for the buyer from Puerto Rico’s National Park , and she also said: Evelyn, you know we have huayruros here in Puerto Rico, we call them PEONIAS, although I have seen jewelry made with peonias. I have to be honest chica I HAVE NEVER SEEN DESIGNS LIKE THE ONES YOU MAKE.

My work began making sure I could customize the pieces she wanted to incorporate into her gifts shops. Not only in El Yunque gift shops but also the Real Fortress in the heart of the old San Juan.  After I presented samples, pictures, etc, etc, the buyer told me she would put together the order.  A few weeks went by and I didn’t hear back from her,  until she finally said: Evelyn unfortunately the budget is tight at the moment we have to wait until October, or November. Of course I was disappointed because sometimes it may take longer, months or years before you get your purchase order (PO). Then one Monday the first week in October I got an email that totally made my day, saying : Evelyn, you should receive two purchase orders by the end of today.

I was even happier with the amount of pieces they order:)

In all honesty, I firmly believe that everything arrives at the right time, not sooner or later. It was God’s plans. I always knew one day my pieces would be in Puerto Rico. Why? Simply because Puerto Ricans love my designs, they are as exotic and passionate as my designs.

If you are visiting Puerto Rico for the holidays or anytime during the year, please stop by the gift shop at El Yunque National Forest and The Real Fortress in the Old San Juan and shop designs exclusively created for the enchanted island of Puerto Rico. You will find the sea life and rainforest collection exclusively designed for Puerto Rico visitors looking to get something special that reminds them of their special visit, Of course you will find pieces with the famous COQUI (known as the mascot of PIMG_4906
uerto Rico).

I feel blessed and honor that my designs are now sold in Puerto Rico.

Dear readers, never give up! Stay true to what you want in life, to your dreams. Dream big, work hard, stay focus and committed to your business purpose. Show your professional ethics building a healthy relationship with your customers and staying true to your principles.



Evelyn Brooks



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