Is your product ready for a market like New York ?

As a designer how many times do you dream to be in the fashion capital of the world? Many times right?

At least I remember my first trips to NYC strolling by Soho, wandering the so called showrooms, browsing windows for some inspiration, and simply dreaming to showcase/sell my work in New York.                               One day about seven years ago I found a gallery of art, and they were interested in my jewelry line. I got so excited and thought OMG! I will be in NYC, but my dream of being in NYC wasn’t that easy and didn’t last long.

First, the agreement the gallery wanted to work on wasn’t convincing to me, as much as I really wanted to be in NYC. I felt the gallery wasn’t after all doing something beneficial for me as an artist, but mostly for their own convenience. So that was my first attempt to get in NYC. A year later the gallery closed.
Later on I did the American Made Show in Baltimore. and met the buyer from the Art and Design Museum in NYC who fell in love with my collection, and has carried my line ever since. It was amazing to sell my crochet collection to the MAD Museum in NYC.

I love New York, and I have kept looking for opportunities to continue growing as a jewelry designer, attending trade shows in New York and in other cities in the United States, for the past three years.
The Peru Trade Commission in NYC has helped me showcase my work in different opportunities. While doing these fabulous shows in New York, I met another Peruvian jewelry designer Andrea Bocchio. Over the years we developed a friendship.
We collaborated at different events together and one day Andrea mentioned a project she was launching with Michelle Peglau of Hortensia. The project will be called “El Mercado Peru” and it would be a curated pop up shop where Peruvian Designers would come together and be represented at one place. Of course location was key to the success of this pop up shop as well as many other things that come along opening a shop. They found a high traffic area in the heart of Manhattan with a lot of corporate offices around as well as tourist traffic.

[metaslider id=4150][metaslider id=4150]

El Mercado Peru launched on October 18th and will run through Nov. 15th, 2015. Next time you are in NYC stop by and visit us. The first Peruvian pop up shop is located at 501 Lexington Ave. New York NY. 10017
If we go back to my question, “Is your design ready for New York?,” or any other international market:

  • So before you consider entering international markets like New York consider this:
    _MG_5812.JPG b1961

    Good Luck Adjustable bracelet $68 www.

    New York is definitely so fashionable and trendy, there are pieces that sell more in NYC that at other markets, for example in my case the trendy silver adjustable good luck adjustable bracelet does fabulous in New York.

  • If you are thinking to invest in a project, make sure the project will help your brand/product  grow; make sure  your sales representative  feel proud to carry your line.
  • Trade shows are a great place to sell your products at a bigger scale but first visit them before you invest money on them.
  • If you agree to have your products sold on consignment, make sure the agreement is clean, clear and fair for everyone involved.
  • With social media being so important nowadays, make sure you are not just waiting for your sales representative to push your product, do your own social media and send people to your reps, or the stores that carry your products. The more they sell the more they will re-order from you;)
  • Have a great communication with all of those selling your products from sales reps, to museum buyers, etc.

Let me share with you what Michelle Peglau has to say about “El Mercado Peru”, and maybe their business model will be a great fit for your product;)


Best of LUCK!


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