4 Effects Instagram has on a Jewelry Business

We all know that social media is a fast-paced and far reaching tool that helps us connect with other people, but have you ever thought about what it does for businesses?

Today we will be looking at 4 Effects Instagram has on a Jewelry Business.

Check it out below!




1. Virtual Store Front

Instagram provides users with many images of jewelry that a business offers. Its a virtual store front in the sense that your jewelry is being viewed in the hopes of getting new clients. This is a chance for customers to view and inquire about the products.


2. How its Made

Having pictures on Instagram about making, creating, and selling jewelry creates a behind-the-scenes feel for the customers. With this feeling of being shown an in-depth look at the jewelry they love, they will feel more connected to the company and the products.


3. Promotions

Not only is Instagram great for notifying customers about your product, it is also a great tool for sales promotions! In return for customers following your Instagram, you can reward them with exclusive offers such as promotion codes, giveaways, and even shout-outs to showcase your customers!


4. Connect

Instagram is a great tool that allows you to share your passion about your jewelry business with clients who appreciate your product. Let your customers know you appreciate them by commenting back on pictures if they have questions or like certain pictures that your jewelry is featured in. It connects customers to the business on a personal level and makes your jewelry hard to forget.


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