Tools for a successful jewelry photoshoot

There are two kinds of jewelry photoshoot that as a jewelry designer you may end up having at least every season. One will be your product/jewelry photoshoot where all you will shoot is just pure jewelry pieces and the other one will be the one that involve a team with model, make up artist and of course that great photographer right?!

Either or, you have to plan in advance and this are the tools you will need.

1. – Polishing cloth, are you shooting sterling silver or gold make sure the jewelry pieces looks fully clean, so the pictures comes out clean and crisp.

2. – Cutting plyers, a couple flat nose players and round nose plyers, if somethings brakes, or those jump rings fell off or simply for any kind of last minute repair is always necessary.

3. – Extra chain, if you are working with a model chances are that the necklace is too long, or too short, or as a designer you think of a brand new design that can be photograph, so never forget your bag of tools for your photoshoot.

4. -Extra lobster class, if you have a necklace and you are planning on hanging the necklace as part of the dress, you need to put a lobster clasp in each side on the end of the necklace so you can hook it

5. – Good amount of memory on your cell phone for those behind the scenes shots and/or videos (don’t forget to be proactive in all social media platforms and let your audience know about your photoshoot, behind the scenes, coming soon, etc…

6.- Shooting with a model (then the survivor kid, that should include needle, safety pins, thread and clips) If you are having a photoshoot with a model, the photographer, the make-up artist, the model and you have to become the best team to work with and many times, either the photographer needs a safety pin to attach something or the model needs a safety pin or something got ripped off from the dress so, you have to be ready to take care of it.

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Hope this helps next time you do a product or fashionable creative photoshoot;)


Evelyn Brooks

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