Peruvian jewelry available at the National Museum of the American Indian

Peruvian jewelry is getting to be known more and more. Did you know Peru is the 2nd largest producer of silver, well anyhow. You will find that many Peruvian jewelry designers work with .950 silver which means higher quality, besides other benefits like less likely to tarnish and also as a jewelry designer is easier to work with because it is softer.


Lot of events are happening in 2015 at the National Museum of the American Indian, two of the most important ones are the Folklife Festival featuring Peru and the launching of the Inka Road exhibition that will last for three years. Peruvian jewelry designs available at the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI)

I have been doing wholesale trade shows for over four years and once in a while I would see someone from the Smithsonian Enterprises coming in my booth. Of course I would get excited, try to follow up and nothing happen. Although as I always believe that things come to me at the right time and YES indeed everything happened at the right time.


In August of 2014 I sat with the jewelry buyers and the director of the Smithsonian Enterprises, they admire my jewelry worked with sterling silver and natural seeds from the rainforest of Peru known as huayruros. They all agreed that by June 2015 my designs will be available for sale at the museum.


When I left that room I felt like Rocky walking up the stairs in the movie and carrying my Peruvian flag (if you know what that mean:) but I didn’t believe all this beauty until it actually happen. I got my order in April and began to work it for about six weeks making sure every piece was perfect and up to their standards; an opportunity like this is one in a million.


I delivered my pieces as requested and few days later I went to visit the museum. Lucky me or God signs I went there with one of the persons that means the world to me and from whom I got my jewelry genes “my father”, he happened to be here only for four days and I said to him let’s see if my pieces are out. YOU HAVE NO IDEA how I felt when my dad saw the pieces on display. This was a milestone to remember and how beautiful to make my dad proud of his little girl.


Well next thing to worried about was…will my designs sell? to be honest that is one of the most important things. Last week the NMAI hosted a trunk show on Saturday. The event was so successful and even though the trunk show was only Saturday I felt that it was important for me to be there, so I was there to talk to the many guests on Sunday as well and of course generate more sales. During these two days I met wonderful people so interested in learning about the Peruvian huayruros, those seeds that bring prosperity, love and happiness.


Evelyn Brooks & her little girl Stella Rose

I knew there would be a Monday feedback call on regards to the weekend trunk show. Even the director sent us an email to congratulate our success through the weekend. And the question: Can you come back this weekend? We would love to have you again! it is 4th of July weekend, we will probably have more visitors and more opportunity to help you promote your new jewelry line inspired by your Peruvian heritage; my answer: ABSOLUTELY YES.


All I can say is that all happens for a reason, believe me I pray and pray for my line to be accepted among the many visitors and that they purchase and love wearing my jewelry designs and THEY ARE.image2


Melvin McCullough, the retail manager of the museum gift shop


So I can’t ask for more. It is happening. If you couldnt come this past weekend. I will be back this Saturday and Sunday 10a-4p.

See you then,


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