Family business tradition

For the past three years we have been working with the Northeast Independent School District (NEISD) of Texas, making their service awards pins. It is around this time during the year when they make their order.

So we got their order again and we started to work on it. The last part of the process and one of the most important steps is the final presentation. They go in boxes and it has to be nice and clean, right?

For those familiar with my work. I work from home and even though I have a studio. I always end up taking spaces of my own house, especially the dining table; which reminds me of my childhood. My dad had his own company and ran it from home, in the back of the house, he had his small factory and for many years worked from there.  When huge orders came in, we knew the house will be invaded by coins, lapel pins, etc, etc… and who ended up working on those orders where my mom, my two brothers and me.

Well here so far I have Tyler who is six years old and Stella Rose who is two years old. My mom was visiting from Peru and guess what? We needed to deliver this order in a very short time. So everyone had to help, YES, including my husband:)

Tyler asked me can I help YOU mommy? So I said YES, the time he stays really helping me is no time, just a few minutes. Although I remember when my dad asked me for help, I hated it. I tried to escape very quickly, made something up, hurt myself on purpose,  and even ruin the work so they didn’t ask for my help again…, although they kept asking for help and when they offer money, things changed and I was happily helping…LOL (who wouldn’t huh?!)

I am sharing this story, cause it may be your case. You want your kids so badly to be involved in your business and they may not be interested but you know what? They are watching YOU, they are PROUD of you, without telling you, they are pretty aware of what is going on. And remember is in their genes. For years I was never interested in the jewelry business, I even told my dad I will never do this (I meant work in his business), remember (never say never) and now I have been doing jewelry for over 10 years.  The many things you teach your kids are valuable lessons for life.

This is a beautiful moment I will treasure for ever working with my mom, my son and myself in making possible our NEISD Texas order.

You can also see some of my custom designs at

Till next time,

Evelyn Brooks

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